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"My friends were blown away! We will all be there for the next happening along with as many friends as possible!! "  - S. Louise

"FANTASTIC show... We've been enjoying the album and the Youtube, but you REALLY came across live. Great!" - M. LeBeaux

"The concert yesterday was just exquisite, Wow!" -  J. Virage

"You guys were awesome-just a pleasure to watch you 2 perform together." - R. Landsman

"how they got incredible interaction with the entire audience is absolutely astounding . . . you could hear a pin drop while they were performing." - N. Braverman

"Your voices are like angels - wonderful, sweet and refreshing." 
- anonymous

reviews for roberto & kathryn
'Don't Explain' Reviews
". . .your concert was terrific . . . original and exciting . . .  loved the variety -- ukulele and shaped guitars, spoken words and potato castanets, original arrangements and gorgeous duds and of course, beautiful sounds -- it was ALL SUCH A PERFECT WAY TO SHOO AWAY THOSE WINTER BLUES." -  Peggy.G.

"Thank you for putting on such a great performance! Everything worked so well together from the artwork on the walls to the spoken word piece to the always amazing music the you create together. 
. . . I look forward to seeing what you do next!" - Suzanne L.

"Fantastic show . . . The range and quality of Kathryn and Roberto’s repertoire is outstanding, and their warmth as performers is delightful. We left the show wrapped in positive vibes and good cheer – no easy feat in the midst of winter in New England. Bravo! " - Catherine B.

" Kathryn and Roberto are each extremely talented on their own, and combined they are magic.   ... Don't miss seeing Kathryn and Roberto whenever you get a chance.." - Daniel P,.

"Loved it! I enjoyed your enthusiasm, your chemistry and your interpretations of the standards. "Spoken Word" was wonderful. I look forward to hearing you again."  - Gail H.
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   It was lovely ! . . . Their music choice was very entertaining and my family and I loved it !                    - kimberlybrailsford

   Roberto's and Kathryn's concert was a delight. Their talents complement each other and they make beautiful music together.                                                              - Christie Allan-Piper

  Loved it, what a great idea. We are in Australia and have been trying. . . to attend their concerts . . . great music, song selection and energy thanks.                                   - Bronwyn and Bob

  Loved it! Kathryn has a great voice and Roberto is an amazing guitarist. Enjoyed every single song.                      - mariatack